Design for Recovery Sober Living in Mar Vista, CA

Design for Recovery’s sober living home offers young men a safe, supportive, and trigger-free environment where they can get the structure they need to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

The House at Sober Living in Mar Vista, CA

Structure, Support, and Community in a Safe and Comfortable Environment

It's my home. My family. I love the people here. They are teaching me a better way to live and I owe them my life for it.


Mar Vista is the ideal place to begin a recovery journey.

This neighborhood in West Los Angeles has a thriving recovery community, employment opportunities, and is famous for its mild climate and beautiful beaches. At our sober living home, we work with young men with any kind of substance use disorder, from prescription drug addiction to alcohol addiction, to help them develop new recovery tools and rebuild their lives in sobriety.

Design for Recovery – Sober Living East offers a strong community, mentorship, and a safe environment where men can begin to take concrete steps toward happy, fulfilling, and free lives in recovery.

It is no surprise that Design for Recovery is widely considered Southern California’s foremost sober living house.

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I know from my son’s experiences in the right sober living house that it can and will turn your life around. Design For Recovery is just that. It gives you the tools to help an addict get sober and stay that way.


Recovery Services at Design for Recovery’s Sober Living Facility

At Design for Recovery, it is our philosophy that the recovery process involves far more than just becoming physically abstinent. Developing a new and fulfilling life is not only one of the gifts of recovery, but it is an essential foundation for long term sobriety.

To that end, our staff and house managers offer support and guidance to help young men develop the skills and values they need for success. Our residents are committed to recovering from substance use disorders, and the support they offer each other is pivotal. While working to stay sober, residents at our sober living home work to improve every facet of their lives, from careers to relationships.

Our Mar Vista sober living home is also only a short walk away from public parks, recovery meetings, the beach, support groups, restaurants, public transit, and diverse employment opportunities.

Sober Living Mar Vista

Our sober living home offers comprehensive support to clients, their family members and loved ones, as well as treatment professionals. To support long term recovery, we offer a number of recovery services:

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Find Joy in Sobriety

Find Joy in Sobriety

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Why Mar Vista

There are countless reasons why people choose Mar Vista to begin their recovery journeys. Mar Vista is a central neighborhood in Los Angeles’ Westside, which means residents have access to all the amenities of a major metropolis.

At the same time, Mar Vista is a beautiful beachside neighborhood, where residents can enjoy an active lifestyle and stay in touch with nature. No matter where you are in the recovery process, it is essential to develop new habits and routines in sobriety.

Mar Vista provides opportunities to relax at the beach, go for bike rides, hike in the mountains, and visit countless museums and cultural attractions. While living at Design for Recovery’s sober living home, you will find your life becoming fuller and fuller by the day.

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Paying for Sober Living

Call us to discuss our flexible payment options.

We understand that people often have limited financial means after years of active addiction. If you are in need of support, it is our goal to make the process of paying for sober living as easy as possible.

Sober Living Homes in Mar Vista

Design for Recovery is Mar Vista’s foremost sober living home. We offer comprehensive and structured sober living programs, a zero tolerance drug policy, peer support, 12-step program involvement, and life skills development.

While residing in our sober living facility, young men benefit from a trigger-free, nonjudgmental, and highly supportive environment. After finishing a detox program or inpatient addiction treatment program, it is essential to take the time necessary to create a new and fulfilling life in recovery.

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Design for Recovery offers guidance and structure for young men in early recovery so that they don’t need to do it alone.

Our sober living in Mar Vista helps men achieve a number of goals:

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Strength in Sobriety

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"Sobriety was the greatest gift I ever gave myself."

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