A Detailed Description of Sober Living Homes

Addiction is a battle not easy for the victim to win alone. When it comes to overcoming drugs and alcohol addiction, it is difficult to get through it. Recovery does not end even when the treatment is over. Though getting sober may require simple detox treatment or rehab program but staying sober requires commitment and care. 

Getting through addiction treatment is only half the battle. After leaving the rehab center, you can face many challenges to establish yourself in society. 

Not everyone recovering from addiction is ready to immediately start taking all the responsibilities and return to their original life. 

After completing the duration of a rehab center, some people think that going back to old life is the best possible decision. This might be true for some people but might not be a good step for many people.

The reason is that after leaving the rehab center, you might not be ready to resume taking responsibilities for a productive life. Also, the home environment makes a lot of difference. If you get back to the environment that triggered you to start drugs in the first place, it can increase your chance of relapse. 

Recovery requires patience and commitment. Fortunately, sober living homes are providing a structured living environment to addicts who can come together to secure additional recovery time. 

What is Sober Living House?

The sober living house, also known as recovery houses, refers to a group of people who are recovering from addiction. Residents, after completing their journey at the rehab center they can become a part of sober living homes if they want to remain sober. They also agree to comply with drug-testing requests.  

Sober living homes provide a special environment to people who want to stay sober. They can stay there for several months. Though not everyone is bound to live in sober living, those who do can have many benefits. Many Sober living homes in America run through charities and businesses. 

The residents of sober living can have their own room or share it with a roommate.  Sober living homes are different from rehab centers because you do not get treatment for addiction, but you get an environment that helps you stay sober.  

Some of the benefits that sober living homes offer include 

  • Sober Living Homes offer Structured Lifestyle

Despite having a less strict structure than rehab centers, sober living houses are providing organized recovery to people.  Addiction can make you lose your healthy skills and activities. It becomes very difficult to manage healthy eating habits and maintain good personal hygiene.  

One of the prime benefits of the sober living house is structuring out residents back into their life. Sober living homes help these people restore healthy skills and help them get back into normal life. They rebuild important skills like doing laundry, preparing meals, maintaining hygiene, and re-establish personal responsibility.

The sober living program requires semi-regular drug tests to make sure that everyone remains abstinent. 

  • Provides Drug-Free Atmosphere 

In a rehab center, you are in a closed space with continuous monitoring, but once you leave it, you are thrust back to the world where you can start doing alcohol and drugs because they will be easily available to you. 

Dealing with temptation can be extremely difficult during early recovery. But in sober living homes, you can avoid these temptations. Sober living homes in Los Angeles provide a 100% drug-free environment, so you do not get any temptation. 

They remind people that sobriety can be a good thing, and there are neuromas reasons for staying clean. 

No doubt it can be very hard, but it gets easier when you surround people who care for you and you have continuous assistance from consultants. In sober living, the people around you support you in recovery. 

  • Support, Assistance, and Guidance

At your home, it might be difficult for your family to understand you. Though they try their best to be there for you, they cannot understand what you are going through. At a sober living home, everyone understands you; they support your recovery and hold you accountable on a daily basis.    

The managers of sober living ensure that you get all the assistance you need. They help residents with their cravings and help them deal with all the issues.

Sober living homes are also connected with treatment facilities that means if you are facing emotional issues or other health issues, you consult with the health care providers. The alumni at sober living provide you the advice you need the most. 

If you feel alone, you can talk to anyone there. The purpose of a sober living home is to keep people away from addiction, and it is an effort to live them a healthy and peaceful life. They can make friends and get a normal life back. 

What is it Like Living at a Sober Living Home? 

In the sober living home, you have to follow some rules. You have to refrain yourself from all types of drugs and alcohol. You need to attend house meetings and complete specific chores. 

A drug screening test ensures that no one is using drugs. 

You get all the freedom at sober living, can go out and come back anytime.

You can look for jobs and meet with friends outside the sober living home, but if you are new to sober living and have recently completed the rehab period, you may assign a senior member who will go with you when you go out. 

In the morning, you will do the daily chores, including making the bed, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and helping others with meal preparation.

After completing the daily tasks, you may be expected to attend the house meeting. You are not bound to attend the meeting, but it is highly suggested. 

After being free from everything, you can look for jobs and try to search for employment. If you have the job, you can go to the job on your schedule, and in the evening, you can enjoy a meal with your housemates and also participate in a support group session. 

You can talk to your loved ones in your free time or watch TV, whatever you feel like doing. As long as you follow all the rules, you can stay sober living as long as you want. 

However, if you use any kind of drug or break the rules, you might no longer be welcome here to prevent other members from getting the wrong temptations. 

If you are looking for a sober living house for your family member, search “Sober living home near me,” and a list of sober living homes will appear. You can contact the sober living agency and help your family member in their recovery journey. 

Rules and Regulations of Sober Living

  • Sober living homes provide you support 
  • They provide you in getting a sober living lifestyle
  • Help people with their recovery 

Here are some of the primary rules you need to follow 

  • Use of drugs and alcohol is not allowed on the premises 
  • Residents must pay expenses to live here 
  • They must participate in household activities, including meeting and regular chores 
  • Must respect other home staff members and housemates 
  • Agree to participate in drug screening test 
  • Residents cannot have guests overnight. 

Many people benefit from sober living after completing rehab treatment. The majority of people prefer to stay at a sober living home, but they do not have to make the decision alone. 

Sober Living Home for Men

The men who are trying to move on with their recovery may experience many challenges. For a successful recovery, they need to stay away from drugs, and they need a natural environment free from abuse and stress.  

Sober living homes for men are providing a comfortable and peaceful environment to people. The residents who live there get support and assistance that makes it easy for them to avoid all the temptation and develop healthy habits.

Men are more likely to use drugs and alcohol due to various mental health problems or emotional issues. Men above 18 have twice the rate of using drugs as compared to women. 

The good news is they can recover from addiction and go back to their normal life. They can join a qualified rehabilitation program. However, for many men, rehabilitation is not enough to end the addiction and stay sober. They need to learn how to control their urges, and they need a longer period of adjustment after leaving treatment.  

Being a part of sober living homes can be beneficial for them because they will get the time to recover themself properly before going back to normal life. 

The men who live in facilities have a better outcome, and they are more likely to recover from their addiction than those who simply leave treatment and go back to their old life. 

Final Thoughts 

Sober living homes provide a supportive place to heal and stay away from outside pressure. In sober living, residents help each other in recovering. These homes make it easy for people to maintain their recovery and stay committed to it.

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